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Why Do You Need a Trial Attorney?

Why is it important to hire a trial attorney?  Well, do you want to win?  You have to be willing and able to go to trial if you want your claims taken seriously.  Trial attorneys are a small subset of "litigators," and we're the ones who will get you the best possible results.

Representation Tailored to YOU

Not all trial attorneys are made the same.  You need aggressive representation.  You need to be protected through the legal process.  However, you also need someone who is empathetic to your case and who has the intelligence to pursue the best strategies on your behalf.  Derek possesses the balance of aggression and understanding that at the end of the day, whatever method gets you the best recovery is what matters. 

True Trial Experience

When you're talking to attorneys who might represent you, ask them to give you a trial history list.  See what kinds of outcomes they've had.  Derek has successfully represented surgeons and doctors (people with the highest standards and their medical licenses on the line), small businesses, Fortune 500 businesses, and all sorts of individuals facing substantial criminal charges.  You need someone on your side who can handle the courtroom!